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AATSP NY Chapter News Feed:

  • Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! Bem vindo!

    Recent news and updates from our chapter:

    Dear Member/Colleague,
    Following are a few announcements and reminders as of 04/13/21:                                                               
    1. PODCAST #3 - "Teaching Native Speakers: A Journey of learning and discovery." - Three veteran pedagogues share their ideas on what it takes to successfully teach native speakers.  Dr. Gerardo Piña Rosales - professor emeritus from Lehman College and emeritus director of the Academia Norteamericana de la Lingua Española joins Francisco García Quezada - chair of World Languages at North Rockland High School  and Dr. Porfirio Rodríguez of Ramapo High School and ANLE. Click on the link below to listen in on their conversation.
    I would like to thank the podcast committee for their time and effort to produce this podcast.
    - Prof. Mara-Lee Bierman
    - Ms. Rosanny Genao
    - Dr. Alan Hartman - our podcast moderator
    - Dr. Liliana Soto-Fernández.
    2. CONGRESO VIRTUAL - is less than two weeks away (April 24th).  Have you registered?  Attached is the link for the program and registration information.  Our national Executive Director, Dr. Sheri Spaine Long will join us and will greet us as we begin the morning.  Remember you will earn 4 1/2 CTLE credits for attending.
    3. AATSP NATIONAL CONFERENCE - will take place in Atlanta, GA on July 8th.  Early bird registration has been extended to May 1st.  Conference and Hotel registration can be found at the national 
    Thanks to Adriana Aloia, our board member, and Cynthia Flax of the Upper New York chapter, National will be giving our New York teachers CTLE credits.  
    4. DUES - We thank you if you have paid your 2021 dues.  If you haven't, please do so.  
    5. FACEBOOK - Have you visited our FB site?  "AATSP Metropolitan New York"  Give us a visit and a LIKE.
    6. CHAPTER WEBSITE - have you visited our website?  You will find much helpful information at 
    Have a great week!

    You can always find all the links to the  podcast on our Anchor profile, at

    As always, if you have any concerns or questions, email me at

    As always, we wish you good health and peace during these turbulent times.
    Stay safe! ¡Todos a una! 
    Bernard A. López
    President of the AATSP Metro NY Chapter
    The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese: NY Metropolitan
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